What Time Does KK Slider Leave?

Does KK Slider end the game?

Slider comes to visit your town.

This feels like the end goal of the game in a lot of ways, with the credits rolling as K.K.

plays his best song yet.

But after the credits end the game continues, without giving you much direction for where to go from here..

Why did KK Slider come on Friday?

To put it simply, the main reason for K.K.’s early appearance is a “scheduling conflict” of sorts. Since K.K. usually schedules his visits for a Saturday, if there’s an event already scheduled, he’ll visit your island the Friday before.

Can you only get one song from KK Slider?

After K.K. Slider has played your first requested song for the day, he’ll kindly provide you with your very own version of the song to put in a music player! If you have friends over on your island, he’ll mail it to you the next day. Unfortunately, you can only get one K.K.

What songs should I request from KK Slider?

While most songs can be bought through Nook Shopping, there are a few that need to be requested from K.K. himself when he performs. “Animal City,” “Drivin’”, and “Farewell” all need to be received from when he performs.

How many residents do I need for KK Slider?

7Speaking to Isabelle, you’ll learn that your island will need more resident villagers – at least 7 will suffice, so make sure you put down plots to reserve a space for any extra incoming Villagers.

Can you skip KK Slider concert?

Slider and sets it up for whenever the next time you play (they keep it vague so you don’t miss it if you skip the next day, it’ll be whatever day you play next).

Does KK Slider stay all day?

You can have K.K. play multiple songs, but he will only give you one record per visit. You can also buy a random K.K. Slider from the Nook Stop each and every day.

What time does KK Slider stop taking requests?

6PMK.K. Slider will set up an area full of chairs for villagers to sit and listen to him sing random songs – but he will not take requests for a specific song until 6PM or after. During this time, a player can request that he play a specific song, a song to fit a certain mood, or a song at random.

What do I do after KK Slider?

Animal Crossing: 10 Things To Do After K.K. Slider Has Finally Performed On Your Island1 Get Flower Hybrids.2 Look For Design Inspiration. … 3 Terraform Your Island. … 4 Keep Shopping. … 5 Play With Friends. … 6 Finalize Your Villagers. … 7 Upgrade Your House Fully. … 8 Collect All Bugs & Fish. … More items…•

What songs can you only get from KK Slider?

There are some secret KK Slider songs to unlock too, and a couple of special tracks that you can get only get through in-game events like your birthday….KK Slider songs – Mood: LazyAloha K.K.Forest Life.I Love You.K.K. Aria.K.K. Bossa.K.K. Faire.K.K. Fusion.K.K. Island.More items…•

What happens when you finish Animal Crossing?

What’s important, after spending 50 or 60 hours with the game you will still have only part of achievements (the Nook Miles system) obtained. Plenty of game will still remain before you – not only more hours, but also other seasons during which new activities and specimens of fish and insects will appear.