What Is A Starter Toll Tag?

How much does Ntta toll tag cost?

Get Your TollTag Select from the standard TollTag account ($40 for up to three TollTags) or the $20 Starter TollTag, perfect for the infrequent toll road driver.

Toll Tag customers are required to maintain a positive account balance, which can be monitored online or via the free Tollmate mobile app..

Can you get a toll tag at Kroger?

Motorists in Tarrant and Johnson counties now have dozens of new locations to open TollTag accounts with the addition of nearly 30 Kroger stores to the North Texas Tollway Authority’s Regional TollTag Partner program. Through the RTP program, NTTA provides convenient access for motorists to sign up for TollTags.

What toll tag works for all of Texas?

TxTagGet a TxTag Plus, TxTag works on all toll roads in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

How do I remove a TxTag sticker?

You can remove a vehicle from your TxTag account by logging into your account online or by calling the TxTag Customer Service Center. It is important to update your account and deactivate the TxTag sticker that was on your vehicle right away so your account is not linked to a vehicle you no longer own.

Is Ntta open?

For your convenience, the online Customer Service Center is always open. Manage your account online 24-hours a day. Mon- Fri 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. 4825 Overton Ridge Blvd.

What is the difference between toll tag and TxTag?

TollTag is tag issued by The North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) that allows motorists to pay tolls without stopping at toll booths. … TxTag is tag issued by Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) that allows users to zip through the toll lanes. Here is detailed informaton on TxTag.

Is there a monthly fee for TxTag?

The monthly statement will also include a $1.15 mail fee.

Where can I purchase a Texas toll tag?

In PersonAt the TxTag Customer Service Center (CSC) in Austin, where cash, check, money order and credit card payments are accepted. … Sign up for a TxTag at any of the AAA locations throughout Texas. … Get a TxTag or manage an existing account at three DPS Driver License Offices in Central Texas.

Where can I buy a Ntta toll tag?

Customers may get the new $20 Starter TollTag by visiting NTTA TollTag stores or by going online at NTTA.org.

How do I get a toll pass?

To open a pass online you’ll need a licence plate number, your credit card and a few personal details. We use your licence plate number to identify your vehicle as it passes through a toll point and charge these tolls to your credit card.

How do I remove a toll tag?

You may contact the Customer Service Center at 972-818-6882 or 817-731-6882 or use At Your Service to schedule an appointment to deactivate one or more TollTags on your account. Please have your driver’s license number and the TollTag DNT number (located on the front of the tag, above the barcode) ready.

How do I get a Texas toll tag?

Install your TxTag in three easy steps.Clean. Clean and dry the inside of your windshield. … Position. Your TxTag goes on the inside of your windshield behind the rearview mirror. … Stick. Peel off the clear backing on the gray side and stick the gray side to the inside of the windshield.