Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Facing?

How do you spell facing?

How Do You Spell FACING.

Correct spelling for the English word “facing” is [fˈe͡ɪsɪŋ], [fˈe‍ɪsɪŋ], [f_ˈeɪ_s_ɪ_ŋ] (IPA phonetic alphabet)..

Had to face meaning?

To have the will to do something bold, rude, or impudent; to have the nerve to do something. Wow, I can’t believe that intern had the brass face to ask for a raise on her first day! See also: face, have.

What is the synonym of facing?

Synonyms for facing. fronting, looking (toward), pointing (toward)

What is another word for deal with?

What is another word for deal with?addresscoverfacesee totake oncope withfocus oncontend withconcentrate ongrapple with91 more rows

What is the opposite of facing?

trailing. facing(adjective) diverging in the direction of travel. Antonyms: trailing.

What does the phrase cope with mean?

to face and deal with responsibilities, problems, or difficulties, especially successfully or in a calm or adequate manner: After his breakdown he couldn’t cope any longer. Archaic. to come into contact; meet (usually followed by with).

How do I know which direction my house is facing?

What direction does my house face?Go to the front door of your home and open the compass app.With your phone facing forward, read the direction that the compass is measuring (this should be shown in °). … If the reading is between 270° and 90°, your house is north-facing.

How do you use the word cope?

Cope in a Sentence 🔉The farmers were unable to cope with the harsh dry weather and many of their crops died. … Brandon didn’t know how to cope with the loss of his father and spent months in bed crying. … The single mother could not cope with a full time job and parenting, so she hired a nanny.More items…

What is grapel?

verb (used without object), grap·pled, grap·pling. to engage in a struggle or close encounter (usually followed by with): He was grappling with a boy twice his size.

Does contend mean argue?

intransitive verb. 1 : to strive or vie in contest or rivalry or against difficulties : struggle contended with the problems of municipal government will contend for the championship this year. 2 : to strive in debate : argue.

What is the meaning of facing?

Video shows what facing means. diverging in the direction of travel..

What does contend mean?

verb (used without object) to struggle in opposition: to contend with the enemy for control of the port. to strive in rivalry; compete; vie: to contend for first prize. to strive in debate; dispute earnestly: to contend against falsehood.

Is face off one word or two?

Face off is the verb, while the spellings face-off and faceoff for the noun are correct (the National Hockey League uses faceoff for the noun).

What is another word for in your face?

In-your-face Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for in-your-face?assertiveaggressivefiercemilitantenterprisingdirectforthrightoutspokenprovocativeshocking163 more rows

What is another word for contend?

In this page you can discover 101 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for contend, like: contest, contestation, battle, dispute, fight, quarrel, belligerent, contentious, assert, emulate and contradictious.

What does tenacious mean in English?

adjective. holding fast; characterized by keeping a firm hold (often followed by of): a tenacious grip on my arm; tenacious of old habits. highly retentive: a tenacious memory. pertinacious, persistent, stubborn, or obstinate.

Is mug another word for face?

“Mug” predates old-time Movieland, though. It has been used as a noun to describe the face and as a verb of the word “grimace” since the 17th century. It most likely derives from “mugg,” a Scandinavian word for a drinking vessel.

Why is facing operation done?

Facing lathe operation Facing on the lathe uses a facing tool to cut a flat surface perpendicular to the work piece’s rotational axis. A facing tool is mounted into a tool holder that rests on the carriage of the lathe. … Facing will take the work piece down to its finished length very accurately.

What is emotional coping?

Emotion-focused coping is a type of stress management that attempts to reduce negative emotional responses associated with stress. Negative emotions such as embarrassment, fear, anxiety, depression, excitement and frustration are reduced or removed by the individual by various methods of coping.

How do you answer how are you cope?

Express how you are feeling.For example, you may respond, “Actually, I’ve been feeling a little down lately. I think I might be struggling with stress and anxiety” if you have not been feeling well or like yourself.You may respond, “You know, I’ve been feeling great.

What is a synonym for face to face?

Synonyms for face-to-face. personally, tête-à-tête.

What does impenetrable mean?

adjective. not penetrable; that cannot be penetrated, pierced, entered, etc. inaccessible to ideas, influences, etc. incapable of being understood; inscrutable; unfathomable: an impenetrable mystery.

What does it mean to grapple with something?

: to hold and fight with another person. : to try to solve a problem : to deal with a problem. See the full definition for grapple in the English Language Learners Dictionary. grapple. verb.

What is the medical term for face?

In medical contexts, a facies is a distinctive facial expression or appearance associated with a specific medical condition. The term comes from the Latin for “face”.

What is another word for issues?

What is another word for issue?problemdifficultyquandarytroublebarrierdisputedrawbackhassleheadachehiccup26 more rows

What is a scuffle?

noun. a rough, confused struggle or fight. a shuffling: a scuffle of feet. Also called scuffle hoe . a spadelike hoe that is pushed instead of pulled.