Quick Answer: What Is A VW T4?

Which is better t4 or t5?

The T5 drives much nicer, and far more car like than the old T4, and with better cutting edge looks than my T4, I would have to go T5 all the way…..

What is the difference between Volvo t4 and t5?

The T4 gets you around 187 horsepower. The T5 increases this amount up to 248 horses with 258 pounds-feet of torque. Both of these engines offer excellent fuel efficiency for this class of vehicle. … One last difference between these models is that the T4 features front-wheel drive while the T5 offers all-wheel drive.

Is the Volvo t5 a good engine?

The T5 engine, which in Volvo parlance means a 2.0-liter turbo four pushing out 250 hp at 5,500 rpm and 258 pound-feet at 1,500 rpm, is plenty capable. The low-end torque is what I noticed most, especially since this is a front-wheel-drive car.

What is the difference between VW t30 and t32?

We regularly get asked the difference between the T26, T28, T30 and T32 the only difference is the carrying capacity, the T26 meaning it’s a 2.6T gross vehicle weight, T28 is a 2.8T gross vehicle weight etc… with payloads ranging from 749Kg up to 1,292Kg, these vehicles come in a range of engines and bhp starting with …

Do VW campers hold their value?

The (short wheelbase) VW Campervan is small enough to act as an everyday car so you can leave the campsite and head into towns and villages to explore. VW T6 transporters are great vehicles for conversion because they hold their value.

How long is a t4 bulb?

T4 fluorescent bulbs have a compact 1/2 inch diameter tube and are available in a wide range of color temperatures including daylight. These bulbs are primarily used in signage, display lighting and commercial/industrial applications.

Which transporter is best for conversion?

But the models we see most often are the VW T5 and VW T6. Transporters are ideal vehicles for conversion as they’re solid, reliable and they hold their value very well.

What does t5 light mean?

What does T5 mean? The “T” in lamp nomenclature represents the shape of the lamp-tubular. The number following the “T” usually represents the diameter of the lamp in eighths of an inch (1 inch equals 2.5 centimeters). T5 lamps have a diameter equal to 5 times an eighth of an inch, or 5/8″.

What does the t5 mean in Volvo?

Volvo Modular engineT5 engine is a colloquial term used to described Volvo automobiles badged as having a T5 and refers to the engine associated with the badge. It may refer to: Volvo Modular engine for cars with five-cylinder engines from 1994 to 2016.

How many miles can a VW t5 do?

Getting away with a higher mileage You can expect a Transporter T6 or T5 to reach at least 250k if well-driven and properly serviced, meaning it should last you well over 15 years.

Is the VW 2.5 engine reliable?

2.5s are some of the most reliable engines VW has made recently in my opinion. I have owned a mk4 2.0 and also a mk3 2.0 before that. Both of those cars ended up having multiple problems although they were both higher milage. Ive owned my 2.5 with 32k on it and just about to roll over to 104k.

How heavy is a VW t4?

1910 kgHaving a kerb weight of 1910 kg, it achieves 38.7 mpg on average and can travel 681 miles before requiring a refill of its 80 litre capacity fuel tank. It comes with a 5 speed manual gearbox. Last updated on 22nd November, 2018.

What’s the difference between VW t5 and t28?

T5: This is the model – it’s basically the 5th generation of VW Transporter which started production in 2003. T28: This refers to the maximum gross weight of the vehicle. 28 = 2800kg or 2.8tonnes. … That’s a metric tonne as opposed to an imperial ton before you ask…).

Which VW t4 engine is best?

Most desirable engine is the 2.5TDi – it’s pokey and will do 40mpg. It’s also relatively easy to convert the 88bhp unit to 102 by fitting a top mounted intercooler and even 150bhp is within reach with tuning.

What is the best VW camper van to buy?

For us the VW Transporter is the best VW camper van to buy if you’re looking for small camper that can take you anywhere your heart desires in a compact form factor.

What is the advantage of a 5 cylinder engine?

Smoothness. The five-cylinder engine’s advantage over a comparable four-cylinder engine is best understood by considering power strokes and their frequency. In a four-stroke cycle the engine fires every cylinder once every 720 degrees — each piston fires for every two rotations of the crankshaft.

How long will a VW 2.5 engine last?

Treat it like you should, it will last you till 200,000 or more. I’ve had and know of a few VW’s that hit that easily. No matter what car you have there is no grantee it will last. Best you can do under any circumstance is maintain it properly.

What is the most reliable Volkswagen?

Top Used Volkswagen models rated by reliabilityPolo Vivo. The Polo Vivo takes the top spot here as it is the most prolific model in the VW range, and fills the market gap previously held by the immortal Citi Golf.Up! … Polo. … Caddy. … Golf. … Tiguan. … Jetta. … Passat. … More items…•

What year did the VW t6 come out?

2015The T6 was launched in 2015 with a range of Euro 5 engines that powered the outgoing T5, though they were phased out from late 2015 in favour of cleaner Euro 6 units.

What’s the best VW Transporter to buy?

Generally speaking, you should buy the newest van you can afford. If you want a Volkswagen Transporter, then the T6 would be the one to aim. However, if your budget doesn’t stretch that far then a T5 would be a good choice, so long as you do your homework.

How many MPG does a VW Transporter do?

Select engine for more Real MPG information:EngineOfficial MPGReal MPG %2.0 18036.2 mpg104%2.0 180 Auto34.9 mpg-2.0BiTDI 18034.9–38.7 mpg97%2.0BiTDI 180 4MOTION32.5–40.4 mpg67%12 more rows

Do VW Transporters hold their value?

Even those who do not camp find value in this classic van. … Of almost all-new VW camper van models, it holds its value exceptionally well at up to 75% after three years. It is also comfortable, can sleep up to 4 people, and is ideal for family vacations.

Is t6 better than t5?

The only main difference to the line-up is the lack of a Sportline trim level for the Transporter T6. … On top of the T5 models, the T6 also features a stylish new leather multifunction steering wheel, heated windscreen, automatic driving light control and additional noise suppression is also fitted as standard.

Can a t5 bulb fit in a t4 fixture?

Sorry to say, but they are not interchangeable. They require different ballasts to fire the bulbs. A T4 12w ballast will not fire a 20w HO T5 bulb.

Is a t30 a t5?

T30 is 3000kg & T32 is 3200kg. T4’s were made up to 53 plate when the new T5 came out. They do make a T26 too.

What engine will fit a VW t5?

Volkswagen Transporter (T5)PlatformVolkswagen Group T5 platformPowertrainEngine2.0 L I4 (petrol) 3.2 L VR6 (petrol) 1.9 L I4 TDI (diesel) 2.0 L I4 TDI (diesel) 2.5 L I5 TDI (diesel)Transmission5-speed manual 6-speed manual 6-speed automatic 7-speed automatic (DSG)18 more rows

What is the least expensive Volvo?

VolvoLeast Expensive: Volvo’s subcompact XC40 SUV brings plenty of style, safety, and practicality at a starting point of around $35,000.Most Expensive: The three-row XC90 remains Volvo’s priciest model, and it features one of the most sumptuous luxury SUV interiors in the Inscription trim.More items…

Is VW t4 reliable?

Volkswagen Transporter (96-03) reliability, common problems & faults. The T4 Transporter has a reputation for being one of the most reliable older vans on the road, so hopefully those expensive VW parts won’t be required very often.

What are the different VW Transporter models?

T1 – Type 2 (1950–1967)T2 – Type 2 (1967–1979)T3 – Type 2 (1979–1992)T4 – Transporter (1990–2003)T5 – Transporter (2003–2015)T6 – Transporter (2016–present)References.External links.

What is the difference between t4 and t5 lights?

“The size is the main difference and the T5 series use grounded 3 prong plugs and wiring across the entire series. The T4 is probably a bit more efficient, but it’s not significant enough to recommend over the T5. Go with the sizes that work for you.”