Quick Answer: Does Yukon Denali Require Premium Gas?

Will regular gas damage a premium engine?

Using regular gas in an engine that requires premium could void your warranty.

That is most likely to happen if using regular causes severe engine knock or pinging (premature ignition of the fuel, also known as detonation) that damages the pistons or other engine parts..

Is premium gas really worth it?

Typically, high-performance cars require premium, because their engines have higher compression ratios, while other cars can run just fine on lower octane gas. … The FTC sums it up this way: “In most cases, using a higher octane gasoline than your owner’s manual recommends offers absolutely no benefit.”

What type of gas does a Denali take?

More than half of all Yukons sold are Denali models. Yukon SLE and SLT models are powered by advanced EcoTec3 engines that deliver more horsepower and torque with the segment’s best V-8 fuel economy. EPA- estimated highway fuel economy is 23 mpg with the standard 5.3L engine (2WD models).

What kind of gas does a GMC Yukon XL take?

2019 GMC YukonEPA MPGOwner MPG Estimates2019 GMC Yukon C1500 2WD 8 cyl, 5.3 L, Automatic 6-spdPremium GasolineNot Available How can I share my MPG?17 combined city/highway MPG 14 city 22 highway 5.9 gals/ 100 miles2019 GMC Yukon K1500 XL 4WD 8 cyl, 5.3 L, Automatic 6-spd40 more rows

What kind of gas does a 2008 Yukon Denali take?

Find and Compare Cars2008 GMC Yukon Denali 1500 AWDPersonalize Find a car8 cyl, 6.2 L, Automatic 6-spd CompareFuel EconomyEPA MPGPremium Gasoline 14 combined city/highway MPG 12 city 18 highway 7.1 gals/100 milesUnofficial MPG Estimates Shared by Vehicle OwnersView Estimates How can I share my MPG?10 more rows

What’s the difference between Yukon and Denali?

While the Yukon is available with 18-inch, 20-inch and 22-inch alloy wheels in a range of styles, the Denali comes standard with a 22-inch Denali-only six-spoke wheel with machined GMC center caps. The interior of Yukon Denali models is where you really begin to see where the extra money you’ve paid wound up.

Is GMC Yukon good on gas?

Yukon Gas Mileage With its base engine, the Yukon gets 16 mpg in the city and 20 mpg on the highway. Those are typical ratings for the large SUV class.

Why is Shell gas so cheap?

The local gas vendors use no detergent, and they generally sell it cheaper, as their cost is cheaper. But all gas stations usually make little or no profit. If they do, it’s usually just enough to cover the cost of maintaining the pumps: Perhaps a penny a gallon at the most.

Does premium gas give better mileage?

Premium gas gives you more miles per gallon than regular gas. … In actual fact, you’ll get a greater range of fuel economy between different brands of regular gas, than you will between the same manufacturer’s regular and premium gasses.

Does 6.2 l require premium gas?

GM recommends using 93 octane gasoline for its top-of-the-line 6.2-liter V-8-equipped trucks. The owner’s manual does state as low as 87 octane is acceptable for the engine. However, to achieve maximum performance and fuel economy you must use 93.

Does premium gas last longer?

Sadly, there’s nothing in premium gasoline that would make it last longer than other fuels from the pump. Since the distinguishing feature is the higher-octane levels, the only real benefit you gain is lowering the chance of engine knocking, which isn’t much of a threat on most modern fuel systems.

How many miles can a GMC Yukon last?

200,000 milesGMC Yukon The full-size truck-based GMC Yukon is rock-solid, with 3.2 percent of those sold as used vehicles last year having been driven for at least 200,000 miles.