Quick Answer: Does Contend Mean Argue?

How do you use the word contend?

Contend sentence examplesThe new governor had great difficulties to contend with.

The system of having one canal overlapping another has one difficulty to contend with.

Her foreign policy was as consistent as it could be considering the forces she had to contend against.

I like to contend with wind and wave.More items….

What is the noun of contend?

contention. Argument, contest, debate, strife, struggle. A point maintained in an argument, or a line of argument taken in its support; the subject matter of discussion of strife; a position taken or contended for.

What is the similar meaning of contended?

Words Related to contended. announced, broadcast. (also broadcasted), proclaimed.

What is contend with?

: to deal with (something difficult or unpleasant) Customers should not have to contend with the problems caused by these delays.

What is contend in law?

2 : to strive in debate : argue. transitive verb. 1 : maintain, assert contended that he was right contends that the new law would help only the wealthy. 2 : to struggle for : contest She contended every point, objected to every request …—

What does I contend mean?

verb (used without object) to strive in rivalry; compete; vie: to contend for first prize. to strive in debate; dispute earnestly: to contend against falsehood.