Question: Who Flies Direct To Maui?

What is the cheapest month to go to Maui?

If you’re looking for the best deals on accommodations, spring and fall are the cheapest months to visit the island because demand is down.

This means the island is less crowded as well, which is another benefit of visiting during these months.

Our personal preference is April – May..

What is the best airline to fly to Maui?

The 6 Best Airlines That Fly to HawaiiHawaiian Airlines. Fittingly, Hawaiian Airlines offers some of the best flights to Hawaii, providing daily service to Hawaii from more North American cities than any other airline. … Alaska Airlines. … American Airlines. … United Airlines. … Allegiant. … WestJet.

What airline flies direct to Maui?

Which airlines fly to Maui? Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines & United Airlines fly the most frequently from the United States to Maui.

What airports fly direct to Hawaii?

What Airlines Fly to Hawaii – Domestic Direct RoutesAlaska – Anchorage, Los Angeles, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle.American – Dallas, Los Angeles, Phoenix.Delta – Atlanta, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St.More items…

Does Hawaiian Airlines fly direct to Maui?

Re: Does Hawaiian Airlines fly nonstop to Maui from Mainland? Hawaiian offers at least one direct flight from SEA-OGG every day usually leaves around 10am. It’s our fave.

Does Southwest fly direct to Maui?

Southwest flies nonstop from California to 5 Hawaiian cities: Honolulu (Oahu), Kahului (Maui), Kona (Island of Hawaii), Lihue (Kauai) and Hilo (Island of Hawaii).