Question: What Is United Healthcare Rally?

What are healthy rewards?

What is the Healthy Rewards Program.

The Healthy Rewards Program rewards you for taking small steps that help you live a healthy life.

By seeing your provider and completing certain health checkups, you can start earning rewards.

You can earn up to $125 in rewards for each 12-month period..

What is Rally UHC?

Rally makes it easy to make small changes, step by step Get started and you’ll get a custom-created program designed to help you live healthier. … Connect with a Coach – talk on the phone and work together to create a personalized healthy-living plan that works with your lifestyle.

Does United HealthCare have a wellness program?

It is not an insurance product, but is offered to existing enrollees of certain products underwritten or provided by United HealthCare Insurance Company or its affiliates to encourage their participation in wellness programs. … Insurance coverage is provided by or through: United HealthCare Insurance Company.

How many employees does rally Health have?

2,500 employeesRally Health has 2,500 employees and is ranked 1st among it’s top 10 competitors.

How do I set up a rally account for my husband?

How can my spouse or dependent enroll for a Rally Account?Each spouse/dependent must use the same mobile code for mobile registration.Each spouse/dependent must enter their first and last name.Each spouse/dependent must enter their DOB.Each spouse/dependent must use the same Group Number and Member ID that appears on their insurance card.More items…•

Is Rally health part of UnitedHealthcare?

Rally Health is the consumer digital health platform of Optum, part of UnitedHealth Group [NYSE: UNH]. … Consumers predominantly use Rally incentive rewards to support health priorities.

Do Rally rewards expire?

Reward cards are valid at participating merchants in accordance with any applicable terms, except as otherwise provided by applicable law. Reward cards do not expire. … Any unused amount on a reward card will not be returned to you as cash. Reward cards are void where prohibited by law.

What is Rally pay member?

RallyPay is the first truly omni-channel payments platform focusing on data and conversion. We have developed innovative tools, including our SMS payments channel, to boost your payments needs!

What Is The Rally App?

The Rally app for Android lets you take your health on the go in one convenient mobile experience. Depending upon your employer benefits, you can: Register and Take the Health Survey – Get personalized recommendations based on your overall health.

How do you earn rally coins?

There are many ways to earn Rally coins. For example, you earn coins for logging in every day, completing the Health Survey, joining communities, and making progress in missions and challenges. For more details, select the REWARDS tab at the top of any page on Rally, and then choose VIEW DETAILS.

How do I sign up for UHC rally?

If you’re ready to Rally, your first mission is super easy: Sign up! To do it, simply: Log in to ®. Take the Health Survey….You can start by choosing simple missions that fit into your daily routine, such as:Cook dinner at home.Do something creative.Walk 2,000 steps.

How does rally Health make money?

Rally members can earn incentives in two ways: Through employer-sponsored financial incentives, which totaled more than $400 million in 2017. Through Rally’s rewards system in which members can redeem their Rally Coins to make charitable donations, get gift cards, or participate in auctions and sweepstakes.

What do you do with rally coins?

In the Rally Marketplace™, instead of spending Coins to enter sweepstakes or bid on auctions, users can choose to exchange coins for significant discounts on a wide selection of popular items like fitness devices from Fitbit ® and Garmin, bikes from Diamondback, and even tickets to movies or sporting events from Ticket …

What is Rally health and wellness?

“Its Rally HealthSM program provides incentives and rewards to UnitedHealth members and self-insured employers for completing health surveys, taking healthy actions such as cutting back on sugar or completing challenges with the help of a wearable fitness device.” …

How do I delete my rally account?

If your campaign has ended and you no longer wish to keep your account open, please contact our support team at We can either permanently delete your campaign or temporarily disable donations for your campaign and reactivate your account when you are ready to start fundraising again.