Question: What Is A Pequena?

How do you spell Pequeno?

Spanish word for small is pequeño..

What is donkey’s ears mean?

Noun. donkey’s ears pl (plural only) (Britain, idiomatic) A long time, years and years. (military, slang) A pair of scissor binoculars.

What does Yonk mean?

Years mONths weeKSSome suggest it is an acronym of “Years mONths weeKS”, while others say it is an abbreviated spoonerism of donkey’s years – yonkey’s dears, yonkeys, then yonks.

How do you say Pequeno in Spanish?

SpanishDict Phonetic Alphabet (SPA) peh. – keh. – nyoh.International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) pe. – ke. – ɲo.Spanish Alphabet (ABC) pe. – que. – ño.

What is the difference between Bonita and Bonito?

BonitO have teeth ” if it’s got teeth you can eat ” …….. Bonita is a feminine given name. It means “pretty, beautiful” in Spanish [1] and Portuguese. “Lady Dot” above is my wife.

What is bonito fish in English?

Bonito, (genus Sarda), tunalike schooling fish of the tuna and mackerel family, Scombridae (order Perciformes). Bonitos are swift, predacious fishes found worldwide. They have striped backs and silvery bellies and grow to a length of about 75 cm (30 inches).

What is a LoSo?

CrunchBase. LoSo. LoSo is a location-based social media ad platform that delivers real-time ads, local deals and user loyalty reward geo-checkins through its BigPlans mobile (iPhone and Droid) and Facebook Apps.

How long is a donkey’s year?

Etymology. 1923, from donkey’s ears, which is rhyming slang for years. That is, donkey’s ears is rhyming slang, replacing years with ears, while donkey’s years reverts to years, with donkey acting as emphasis.

Is Bonito good eating?

Are Bonito fish good to eat? Bonito fish are safe to eat, but because of the strong, harsh flavor and oily texture, it isn’t a taste that is accepted by all. … Though the taste is highly unusual, it is still perfectly fine to eat, should you be lucky enough to catch one.

What does donkey’s years mean in English?

a very long timechiefly British. : a very long time.

What is the meaning of Pequeño?

British English: little /ˈlɪtl/ ADJECTIVE. A person or thing that is little is small in size. They live in a little house. American English: little.

What does Bonito mean?

: any of several scombroid fishes (especially genera Sarda and Euthynnus) intermediate between the smaller mackerels and the larger tunas.

What does yonks ago mean?

A very long timeA very long time. More example sentences. ‘I haven’t seen him for yonks’ ‘The shop that stocked such items closed down yonks ago. ‘

Why do we say donkey’s years?

When people put things on a ship, they used a crank called a donkey. They were very slow and when they were asked how long it would take, they said “donkey’s years”. … Answer: It actually comes from donkeys’ ears. It because donkeys’ ears are long are long.

How much is a Yonk?

From Urban Dictionary: The unit of ‘Yonk’ is known to be exactly 3 Months and 13 Days.