Question: Can A 19 Year Old Rent A Car In Florida?

Can you rent a car at 18 in Florida?

Although many car rental agencies have set an age limit to their rental agreement there are some who will allow 18-years old to rent a car.

Yes, you can rent a car at 18..

Will Enterprise rent to a 19 year old?

Yes, the minimum age to rent a vehicle is 21 years of age. There is no maximum age restriction in the United States and Canada. … A ‘Young Renter Fee’ may be applied to your rental, if you are between the ages of 21 and 24.

Can my 19 year old son drive my rental car?

You and your family are going on vacation and you plan on renting a car. Your 19 year old son will be going with you. Per the rental company’s contract, he cannot drive the vehicle unless he is 25 years or older.

Can you use a fake ID to rent a car?

“Could someone rent a car with a fake ID?” Yes, but they would need more than the fake ID. They would also have to have a valid credit card with the same name as the ID.

How old are rental cars usually?

Generally, all the rental cars I’ve rented have been newer cars (1-2 years old). The exception is when I was in college and I went to a “rent-a-wreck” place due to budget constraints – let me tell you, it was a wreck all right!

Will Hertz rent to a 19 year old?

How old do you have to be to rent a car? While every rental car company has their own policies for young renters, the minimum age to rent a vehicle with Hertz is 20 throughout the U.S., except Michigan and New York where the minimum age to rent is 18.

How can I rent a car at 19?

To rent a vehicle, customers between the ages of 18 and 24 will need to present a valid driver’s license at the time of pickup. For more information and to reserve a vehicle, visit:

Can an 18 year old drive a rental?

However, most major car rental companies allow drivers below 25 years old to drive a rental car as long as they pay the underage driver fee and meet all the requirements. The youngest age allowed to rent a car by some of our suppliers is 18 and this depends on the location as well.

Can my parent rent a car for me?

No, you cannot rent a car for someone else. The person who has reserved the rental is the one who needs to pick it up. However, you may be able to add a driver onto your rental contract. Avis requires the additional driver to sign a form before allowing them to drive the rented vehicle, and there may be added fees.

Can you rent Turo under 21?

The Services are intended solely for persons who are 21 or older, except in the United States where we permit guests age 18 and older to book vehicles. Any use of the Services by anyone that does not meet these age requirements is expressly prohibited.

What states can you rent a car at 18?

As of publication, only New York and Michigan have state laws requiring car rental agencies to rent to drivers age 18 and over. All other states allow rental car companies the discretion to set their minimum age requirement, which is typically but not always 25.

Can a 19 year old in the military rent a car?

Official Travel No underage driver fees (The minimum age for on-duty military rental is 18 years old). Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) included. Frequent Traveler benefits with Alamo’s major travel partners. Over 550 participating locations worldwide to accommodate active-duty travel needs.

Is it illegal to drive a rental car not in your name?

Is this a legal requirement, such that you would be in trouble with, e.g., the State of California, if you were pulled over driving someone else’s rental car? Legality: No, it is not a criminal offense to drive a rental car which you are not the authorized driver list.

What car rental company will rent to a 20 year old?

Drivers ages 21 to 24 can now rent at most locations operated by Advantage, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Europcar, National, and Sixt. The minimum age to rent a car at Hertz, Dollar, and Thrifty is 20 years old at most locations.

Can you rent a car at 19 in Florida?

Yes, customers between the ages of 18-24 are eligible to rent a vehicle from Enterprise while their vehicle is being repaired. Restrictions apply.