Is Slovenia Dangerous?

What is the average salary in Slovenia?

EUR 36,853Average salary in Slovenia is EUR 36,853.

Average take home earning is EUR 23,543 (Net).

The most typical salary is EUR 23,982 (Gross).

If you are an employer this page can help you with the decision how much to pay employees..

Is it safe to travel to Ljubljana?

Ljubljana is completely safe to visit; some even say it’s the safest capital in Eastern Europe. The city center is now more or less completely closed for pedestrians and packed with tourists from all over the world.

How many murders are there in Slovenia?

DefinitionsSTATSloveniaViolent crime > Murders per million people7.32 Ranked 81st.Violent crime > Murders15 Ranked 80th.Burglaries902.9 Ranked 6th. 26% more than United StatesRobberies31.5 Ranked 46th.41 more rows

Do they speak English in Slovenia?

The official and national language of Slovenia is Slovene, which is spoken by a large majority of the population. It is also known, in English, as Slovenian. … The most often taught foreign languages are English and German, followed by Italian, French, and Spanish.

Can you drink water in Slovenia?

In Slovenia, you can drink tap water, since it is pristine. … You can also get food produced in organic or ecological manner.In Slovenia, you can drink tap water, since it is pristine.

What food is Slovenia famous for?

Slovenian food: 10 dishes you have to tryŠtruklji – rolled dumplings. … Žganci. … Potica – rolled dough Slovenian cake. … Bujta repa – Slovenian food of the Prekmurje cuisine. … Carniolan sausage. … Idrijski žlikrofi – stuffed dumplings from Idrija. … Prekmurska gibanica – Prekmurian layer cake. … Cold cuts with local prosciutto, salami and cheese.More items…

Are Slovenians friendly?

Slovenian people are very nice and friendly, especially to tourists.

Is Slovenia a safe country?

Overall, Slovenia is a very safe country to travel to. Violent crime is rare and petty theft should be your only concern, so make sure you watch out for the pickpockets and bag snatchers!

Is Slovenia poor or rich?

The economy of Slovenia is developed and the country enjoys a high level of prosperity and stability as well as above average GDP per capita by purchasing power parity at 83% of the EU28 average in 2015. Nominal GDP in 2018 is 42.534 billion EUR, nominal GDP per capita (GDP/pc) in 2018 is EUR 21,267.