Is Criminal Feminine Or Masculine?

Is Hotel feminine or masculine?

Les is the plural article for both masculine and feminine nouns….Articles.l’ombre m.the shadel’hôtel m.the hotel1 more row.

Is Chapeau feminine or masculine?

2 – French Nouns Ending in Ège, É and Eau are Masculine Eau, for example le bateau (the boat), le manteau (the coat), le chapeau (the hat), l’oiseau (the bird).

Is Auto feminine or masculine?

Is “auto” same as “automobile”? It is masculine ! ‘Auto’ and ‘automobile’ both are the same. /auto/ is an abbreviation for /automobile/. / auto- / is a prefix with Greek origin (auton) the meaning of /self/ or /by itself/, /by himself/.

How do you spell Coca Cola in French?

a coke-burning stove.American English: coke.Brazilian Portuguese: coque.Chinese: 焦炭European Spanish: coque.French: coke.German: Koks.Italian: coke.Japanese: コークスMore items…

Is chat feminine or masculine?

Answer and Explanation: The word for cat in French is chat, which is a masculine noun. The masculine form is used to refer to cats in general, not just specifically for a…

Is Cafe feminine or masculine in Spanish?

Answer and Explanation: The Spanish noun café (pronounced: kah-FEH), which means ‘coffee,’ is masculine, so it must be used with the masculine articles el (‘the’) or u…

Is Beurre masculine or feminine?

le beurre (bur) noun, masculine Please jump right in and share your butter/”beurre” terms and expressions here.

Is Coca feminine or masculine?

cocaFrenchEnglish1.cocacoca2.coca (masculine noun)Coke3.coca (masculine noun)cola