Is A Nissan GTR Reliable?

Are r35 GTRS reliable?


Nissan GT-R R35 are the best sport car out there.

From the design to the motor, everything about that car is the best.

Porsche, Lamburgene, Mustang or any other car can’t beat a Nissan GT-R R35..

Is the Nissan GTR fuel efficient?

The Nissan GT-R is a very expensive car to run. Official fuel economy is 20.2mpg, but you’ll be lucky to get that, even if you’re really gentle with the accelerator.

Is the Nissan GTR expensive to maintain?

Insurance is only one thing you have to worry about. The cost of maintenance is what can be really expensive. The GT-R is a quite expensive to maintain, especially if you use it for a daily driver and even more so if you track it alot.

What is the best year GTR to buy?

Best Nissan GT-R for The Money When the time comes for you to hunt down your GT-R, it really is a no-brainer to go for a 2010-2014 car. The improvements that come in the 2012 model year alone are worth the $10,000 premium over earlier model year GT-Rs.