How Do I Get A Blue Card In Poland?

Can I travel within Europe with my residence permit?

If you hold a long-stay visa or a residence permit from one of the 22 EU countries that are in the Schengen area, you can move freely in this area for up to 90 days during a 180 day period on the basis of your long-stay visa or residence permit AND a valid travel document.


What documents do I need to apply for blue card?

You will need a customer reference number (CRN) from TMR before you apply for your blue card….Prove your identitya driver proof of age identity card.industry authority.

How can I get EU Blue Card from India?

To apply for the EU Blue Card you must already have a job offering contract and a declaration from the employer demanding and reasoning your recruitment. You cannot seek employment through the EU Blue Card, you must request the Employment visa for that matter in the corresponding Embassy in your home country.

What is the minimum salary to get blue card in Germany?

€55,200 per yearTo qualify for the Blue Card an applicant must have a university or college degree and an employment contract with a German company that pays a salary of at least €55,200 per year (2020). For certain occupations that suffer from shortages of skilled labor the salary level is €43,056 per year (2020).

Who is entitled to a blue card?

EU Blue Cards are issued by EU member states to third-country nationals. The holder of an EU Blue Card is entitled to take up residence in the EU for the purpose of taking up gainful employment. The legal basis for the EU Blue Card is Council Directive 2009/50/EC.

Can I work in Poland with tourist visa?

By obtaining a visa or a residence permit you can legally stay in Poland, but it doesn’t mean you can work. To legally work in Poland you need a work permit and this document can only be granted based on a request from your future employer. In other words, you can’t apply for a work permit yourself.

How long does it take to get a work permit in Poland?

around 10-12 weeksIt takes around 10-12 weeks to secure a Work Permit in Poland.

Is 30000 Euro a good salary in Germany?

Well, 30k€ per year is the median German household income (Source: Median household income ). So while not a “good” income, 30k is certainly a solid income you can live off quite well. When it comes to spending it’s very much dependant on where you live and how big your family is.

Is 50000 euros a good salary in Germany?

50k euros a year is slightly above 4,000 Euro a month which sounds sufficient for any kind of living, however, Germany has one of the highest tax rates for any country and almost 43–45% of your income will go in that. This is basically half of your salary, so keep that in mind. Nonetheless, it’s still not that bad.

Is EU Blue Card worth it?

The EU Blue Card is such a sought after visa because it provides a wide range of benefits that supersede traditional work visas in most EU countries. Here are some of the biggest benefits of having an EU Blue Card: Travel freely within the EU. Get the same work and travel conditions as citizens of the country.

How can I settle in Poland?

To obtain a temporary residence permit, you should provide documented reasons for your living in Poland. Taking up a job or education in Poland, as well as marriage to a Polish citizen, are one of the most common reasons. A temporary residence permit can be obtained for any period, but not longer than 3 years.

How can I apply for student TRC in Poland?

For students, these would include:application form;certificate of admission to university in Poland (example here);proof of paying all required tuitions and fees;proof of health insurance;possession of necessary funds to support oneself in Poland (at least PLN 543 per month for as long as you intend to stay here);More items…•

How do I get a residence card in Poland?

Residence permits are issued by Voivodeship Offices (pl. Urząd Wojewódzki), competent for the region of your place of residence in Poland. You should submit the application form for the residence permit in person during a pre-arranged appointment.

How do I get a temporary residence card in Poland?

File your formsApplication form for a temporary residence permit – 4 copies (download here)Valid travel document – 3 copies.Current colour photographs – 4 copies.Written consent of individuals exercising parental authority over a minor applying for a permit.

What is Poland blue card?

The Blue Card is a unified residence and work permit issued for the entire European Union (except for the UK, Ireland and Denmark). It allows third-party foreigners to stay and work in the EU and does not restrict it to one country only.